Posted 1 week ago

San Japan: 8-Bit Postcard to debut at AnimeFest happening this weekend.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Photos are now posted on our Facebook Page from our Formal Masquerade Photobooth.

Photos taken by Master Photography By LG with permission granted to republish.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Another great Cosplay Music Video from MLZ Studios.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Taylor Davis covering Attack On Titan “Guren no Yumiya”.

Posted 3 weeks ago
Is mrcreepypasta going to be doing another panel next year? I seem to remember him saying he would but I want to make sure
Anonymous asked

When it comes to guest announcements, to lift a famous quote from David Williams, we can neither confirm or deny if any guest will be at San Japan. We will should be able to announce our first round of guests later on in the fall around when Gold Pass goes on sale in mid-November.

Posted 3 weeks ago
San Japan was great ! I'm thinking about making a panel next year!
sxhunie asked

Fantastic! We should be putting up the panel/event submission form later on in late fall which will be open for about 6 months. We are planning to revise a few things in the submission form and requirements to receive a discount/comp badge. They will be announced at a future date.

Posted 3 weeks ago
Next year can the amvs please be held in the room with the screen in the middle instead of off to the side? Also can they be played in order of category without commentary as done in the past?
Anonymous asked

The AMV Contest will definitely be getting a shake-up after receiving a lot of input on this year. The setup in Ballroom B where it was held will also be getting an overhaul. We will be talking with our A/V provider to see what our options will be.

Posted 3 weeks ago
I just wanted to thank ya'll for your assistance in answering my questions. I had so much fun volunteering and I hope to come back next year. I will try the art contests too (if I remember). Thanks again!
pristine1281 asked

Your very welcome! We try our best to take care of our volunteers when they put in the time to help San Japan.

We are planning some changes of the Art Contest this year to make it a greater incentive to enter. We will be announcing them later in the fall.

Hint: there will be even more chances given to be able to get one of those elusive artist tables which sell out in minutes.

Posted 3 weeks ago


Since our pals at Mega64 are huge fans of Dragon Ball Z, we asked them to do their own trailer edit for #BattleofGods hitting theaters August 5th. You won’t believe what happens next!

Click here to get your tickets to see Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods in theaters!

This is how you make a trailer that’ll get your attention.

Posted 1 month ago

2014 Overall Attendance: 14686.

So many thanks to so many people for reaching this point in only our seventh year.